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Danielle Earley

Danielle Earley Consultancy

Business Consultant
tel: 07919 051414


  • Prince2 Practitioner

  • CIPD

  • Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC) CTI, The Coaches Training Institute

  • Clean Language Foundation,  Clean Coaching Centre

  • 2:1 BA (Hons) Business & Computers

Professional Development:

  • Certified Wellbeing Coach, Raw Horizons


Professional Body:

If you are looking to introduce new change into your life, for example a new career, start a business or improve your wellbeing or if you want to explore the impact of events that have changed your life, such as motherhood, relationship or work – then partnering with a coach is a great way to make things happen. You’ll not be working alone as you’ll have someone there to support and champion you.

You will be able to identify and articulate what you want more quickly and easily with greater clarity by working with a coach than if you worked alone.  The key to achieving successful change is by starting small and building momentum steadily towards the life, career or wellbeing you desire.

Coaching is a confidential relationship in which we partner together to deepen your learning about yourself and move you forward into action. Together we identify goals, strengths, values and address any obstacles or self limiting beliefs that maybe standing in the way of your success, happiness or fulfilment.

Like a personal trainer a coach won’t do the work for you – I will support, encourage and challenge you. I will partner with you to set goals based on your personal wants and needs, and I will hold you accountable to achieve these goals.


Career Coaching

Are you looking for the next challenge at work? Is your job no longer the right fit? Are you apprehensive about a new career move?

I hold career coaching sessions that uncover what is unfulfilling in your current role and helps you identify the career you long for. We prepare you for interviews, difficult conversations and grow your confidence.We can work intensely over a short period or steadily over an extended time to obtain the career satisfaction you never thought possible.


Life & Wellbeing Coaching

How would you like things to be different in your life?  Are you feeling as if you have lost your way? Do you know where to start to change things?

I hold Life & Wellbeing sessions that explore how you would like things to be different in your life and how you can rebuild life if you have lost your way. We will meet fortnightly to delve into a variety of areas across your life and find clarity on what you want more of, better, different in life and work to make the lifestyle you want a reality.


Small Business Coaching

As a freelancer or small business, you are under pressure to make good decisions, harness opportunities and transform ideas into actions.

I run a business consultancy practice that actively supports and coaches busy freelancers and small business owners improve the performance of their business, by analysing choices, setting tangible goals and tackling tasks.We can work together either weekly, fortnightly or monthly to review your business progress and give you headspace and a clear direction.