Image Consulting

Katie Chittenden

Decadent Beauty

Image Consultant

Hi, My name it Katie.
I’m an Colour and Beauty Consultant trained by Colour Me Beautiful and CMB@home.

I trained over a year ago in full colour after my mum had her ‘colours done’. I will always remember my mum telling me how liberating it felt to go home and empty all those clothes out of her wardrobe that she never wore. She finally new why and had the permission she needed to bag it all up. And the confidence and fun she had whilst looking fabulous was a joy to see.

A full colour consultation is a 2-4 hour process for only £120

I use your hair, skin and eye colour along with my drapes to determine your colour type.  We look at your wow colours and talk about combinations that look amazing on you. This often helps women with their confidence, when you look good, you feel good and in turn feel a more confident you. No longer will you hang onto clothes you never wear. You will dress effortlessly each day as everything in your wardrobe looks good and goes together.

I also offer free session. Enjoy a free make up assessment and I will prescribe you your perfect shades of lip, cheek and eye colour.